Before seniors experience the hard-earned thrill of tossing their tasseled caps sky-high on graduation day, there are some important requirements and tasks that must be completed. Graduation applications, fees, and advising meetings are just a few of the final hurdles for students before attaining a degree. 

During the “home stretch” leading up to graduation, however, students’ hours are stretched between succeeding in the classroom, navigating the job hunt, and spending time with friends. In such a busy few months, a tool that helps students understand and complete graduation requirements is vital. 

By engaging students with proactive messages that not only nudge them to complete tasks but also give them all-hours access to automatic answers — all with an entertaining and friendly personality — AdmitHub’s AI-powered chatbots communicate with students best via SMS text messaging.

We’ve developed a set of eight ready-to-use scripts that focus on some of the most important steps each student should take during their final semester in order to graduate.

1. Meet with your advisor.

Students should have a clear understanding of everything they need to do during this final semester to graduate.

sample script for seniors - meet with your advisor

2. Apply/Petition for graduation.

Make it official! Applying for graduation is the first and most important barrier to graduating. 

sample script for seniors - apply for graduation

3. Check your student account.

Be sure to take care of any outstanding holds or fees. You wouldn’t want to miss graduation because of a forgotten parking ticket. 

sample script for seniors - check for outstanding balances

4. Check in on your goals.

Some schools encourage students to set personal goals for the semester. This helps provide a sense of belonging on campus, while also normalizing goals through a friendly nudge. 

sample script for seniors - goal check

5. Attend Commencement fair.

Invite and remind students about commencement-related activities to keep it top-of-mind and make sure they don’t miss out on crucial information. 

sample script for seniors - commencement fair

6. Start thinking beyond graduation.

Help students prepare for real-world experiences by learning to apply their education to their individual career goals. Hold a career fair or invite students to career services for help with resumes, interviews, and networking skills.

sample script for seniors - career fair

7. Order your cap and gown.

Get ready to walk that stage!

sample script for seniors - order cap and gown

8. Join the alumni association.

Encourage graduating seniors to join your school’s alumni association even before they graduate. This is a great networking opportunity for internships and entry-level positions, and to keep students engaged with the school as they transition into their professional careers. 

sample script for seniors - join the alumni association


To successfully implement a student-centric communication strategy that incorporates these campaigns, you need to do more than simply press send. A chatbot should be part of a campus-wide strategy to reach students effectively and work towards positive student outcomes such as engagement, retention and graduation. By sending the right messages to the right students at the right time, you can begin to see real results.

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