Why texting works

The current generation of college students demands information that’s personalized, easily accessible, and instantaneous. Texting (or SMS) enables you to deliver information in a way that meets these expectations. 

SMS outperforms email and other methods for communicating with today’s students. 97% of mobile phone owners read every text message they receive, and 90% read texts within just three minutes of receiving them. There’s simply no communication channel that compares to text when you need to capture your students’ attention right now.

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Why texting works

Simultaneous and proactive support


Simultaneous proactive and reactive support

  • Proactive SMS messaging allows you to support those students who don’t know they need support, and reach a wider audience. Send interactive nudges, surveys, or reminders to improve yield, increase retention, boost event attendance, and more.
  • Reactive SMS messaging uses the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automatically answer student questions. This provides your students with immediate and accurate information, saving your staff valuable time to make more personal 1:1 connections.

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A one-stop knowledge base for students

  • Our chatbot’s knowledge base can answer questions in over 1,200 topic areas specific to higher education, trained from over 1.25 million real student interactions.
  • Make it easy for your students to navigate the higher ed landscape by providing a centralized resource where they can find campus-wide information.
  • An AI chatbot accessible via SMS messaging allows students to text their questions and receive immediate responses, rather than searching the website for a phone number, only to be transferred to voicemail and receive an email hours or even days later.

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One-stop knowledge base for students

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